Hot Pepper / Scotch Bonnet


The Scotch bonnet, also known as Capsicum chinense, is a tiny, spherical, usually red, orange, yellow, or green chilli pepper.
In the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, it is also referred as as a bonnet pepper, Caribbean red hot chilli, Jamaican hot chilli, Scotty Bons, and atarodo.
This pepper is indigenous to the Caribbean Islands and is frequently used in Jamaican cooking.
Scotch bonnets are similar to historic Scottish bonnets, hence its name.
The scotch bonnet and the habanero pepper, both of which are indigenous to the Caribbean, are closely related.
Due to their similar heat levels and flavour profiles, these two peppers are frequently substituted for one another in recipes.
The scotch bonnet, however, tends to be sweeter than the habanero.